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Costa Favolosa

Line: Costa Cruises
Launched: 1st July 2011
Tonnage: 114,500
Length: 951 feet
Total Crew: 1,110
Occupancy: 3,800
Rating: stars


Imagine a journey to a very special and magical place: a castle on the water with over a thousand rooms, enchanting lounges, areas of unbridled excitement and precious decor. A masterpiece of talent and engineering, your voyage will take you into an enchanted dimension, stimulating the mind and reviving the body. On the Costa Favolosa there will be more than 400 original artworks and over 6000 reproductions. A place where everyone is happy and there is fun to be had from morning to night with parties, games, shows, music, magic and just a pinch of madness.

A table where every dish tastes of the best ingredients and where well-being comes in many different forms.

A fantastic world in which you are the ruler and get to choose every last detail of your holiday. Is it a fairy tale? It is Costa Favolosa, your next cruise.

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